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Hernandez began creating bespoke toppers — including a ribboned straw boater and a wide-brimmed turquoise chapeau — for Newton’s postgame press conferences this past summer.

Long-Runners that span multiple generations of characters are the most likely to use them, but they can also be created as part of a back-story, such as a Secret Legacy.Adaptations of a work with Legacy Characters to other media often only reference the current or best known holder of the legacy, only referencing other incarnations as a Mythology Gag.Younger heroes carrying the mantle often get a Rogues Gallery to match their predecessors, either via villains having kids of their own (much to the parent's chagrin), or younger villains "honoring" their own villainous legacy.Many involve a formal moment of Passing the Torch, when the older character hands over responsibility to the younger, or a Take Up My Sword moment, if the older character dies.This is also convenient in creating change without actually fundamentally changing a title character's book.

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